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Beacons – EPIRB’s & PLB’s

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e-marineworld supply Australian boating enthusiasts with high quality boating equipment and safety gear. e-marineworld offer a fantastic range of emergency locator beacons, personal locator beacons and inflatable life jackets. Before you hit the water, make sure you set yourself up with the correct equipment to get you home safe.

An emergency locator beacon and personal locator beacon are distress signals registered to your vessel or an individual. These items plus your inflatable life jackets are a legal requirement in certain waters. Be sure to check your state regulations in regards to your safety equipment.

An EPIRB is an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. An EPIRB is an essential item when travelling offshore. A GPS EPIRB will allow you to be located as accurately as possible in the case of an emergency. A GPS EPIRB can pinpoint your location with an accuracy of up to 120 metres. A non-GPS EPIRB is less accurate.

A Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is a compact emergency beacon device that sends an emergency distress signal to the relevant authorities when activated. Different to the EPIRB the PLB beacon is registered to an individual rather than a vessel. We have a range of PLB units for sale at e-marineworld.

A good quality PFD life jacket is an important part of your safety requirements when using a boat. If you are required to wear your PFD life jacket at all times you may want to consider lightweight inflatable life jackets. Self-inflating life jackets are easy to wear and completely adjustable so you will be as comfortable and as safe as possible. Self-inflating life jackets are available in a range of buoyancy levels and we stock a variety of different styles to suit your needs and meet legal requirements.

At e-marineworld we offer our customers a vast range of boating equipment from some of the biggest names in marine equipment. We stock anchors, electronics and deck hardware alongside our safety range so you can enjoy your time out on the water! Browse our site to find out more about our boating products as well as our EPIRB, PFD life jacket and PLB prices.

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