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Liros Moorex 12 Rope - Ready Made Mooring

Black Liros Moorex Rope Ready Made Mooring - 10mm x 6m A new generation of mooring warp. Extremely flexible combining great handling and ease of use. Very stretchy which removes the need ...

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Liros Polyester Rope

White Polyester Rope - 3mm x 250m Classical rope for mooring and anchoring, made from 100% Polyester, very easy to splice, high strength and abrasion resistance. Retains flexibility throu...

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Liros Polyester Rope - Ready Made Mooring

White Polyester Rope ready made 10mm x 6m Classic rope for mooring, with high stretch and 3-strand twist make it easy tosplice. High strength and excellent resistance to abrasion. 100% Ny...

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Liros Porto Rope - Ready Made Mooring

LIROS PORTO - READY MADE 10 mm x 6 m - White/Black Very easy to handle mooring and anchor line in a cover-core construction made from 100% Polyester. Extremely tensile and resistant to ab...

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