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Mullion Solas

Mullion Solas Inflatable PFD1

Mullion Solas - 150 Newtons RRP $757.90 • Designed for heavy weather conditions and offshore use • SOLAS and MSA compliant • Double chamber • Robust zip fastening cover wi...

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ROARING FORTIES™ Inflatable PFD Type 1 SMA1060FR series

ROARING FORTIES™ SMA1060 series Inflatable PFD Type 1 is designed to suit welders, construction workers and fire fighters working near/in marine environment. This inflatable PFD is desi...

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ROARING FORTIES™ Inflatable PFD Type 1 TSV1060 series (Tropical Saver)

ROARING FORTIES™ TSV1060 is Australian Standard approved as 150N PFD/lifejacket. This has the same properties as the popular ROARING FORTIES™ SMA1060 series except that the valise is sew...

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